Which passport?


I intend to travel from London to Brussels next month (then onto Austria and Switzerland). I have two passports, British and EU. 

Which one should I use for filling out the API for Eurostar?

I haven't booked my return yet, but when I do, which one should I use then?

Many thanks in advance. 


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This doesn’t really matter I guess. The one you take with you on your travels.

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If you use UK you must get it stamped on entry and exit from EU/Schengen.

I take both though. British to exit and reenter the UK, the EU to enter/exit all other countries.

What confuses me is that Eurostar exits UK and enters EU so, I don't know which border to consider.

I'm sorry if I'm just being dumb and over thinking it. 

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If you don't plan to spend more than 90 out of 180 days within the Schengen/EU area, I think it is wise to use the UK passport to exit and enter the UK. Otherwise you might get problems getting back to the UK.