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  • 10 December 2022
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Hi all. 

i am new to the forum. Travelling with the family to Paris from Munich later this month. Have a connection at Mannheim where I go from ICE to TGV. Have to get there is just over ten minutes. I can’t find where it lists what platform I need to go to. Can anyone help or is the platform decided on the day?


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If you download the DB app you will find the information there.

Thanks. Had the app and never thought to look there. 

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This may change any time, though as such it is even printed-and thus for planned daily all-the-same on the large departure overviews in the Bhf. YELlow=dep, white=arr.

It will be announced in train 1-but orally probably only in german and perhaps also bad english.

It will be shown on screens IN train 1

You can ask conductor when s/he does the rounds before. In fact no that I think of this-on normal tickets it is most often printed too (with ´caution-can change!) so should also be on the paid supplt/RES you need to have for TGV=train2

You will not be the only one to make this change

In most cases it is same platform-other side

Oh-and not to alarm you-its DB, Germany, so expect delays

You can use ANY train IN DE so if this makes you unhappy-use an earlier train from M to MH

From as per tomorrow most trains on this line will start using the then newly taken in use hi-speed sector between Ulm and Stuttgart-airport- we´ll have to wait&see what this will bring- teething troubles-or not.

Thanks both. Both excellent answers and highly informative. Cheers