Why are payments for seat reservations charged in US $ when I live in the UK?

Why are payments for seat reservations charged in

US $ when I live in the UK?


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Strange. There must be something in the set up of your profile. You are looking at

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If you press the menue icon you can change the settings for language and currency, but USD is not available for an Interrail account, only EUR and GBP. 

Have you created a Eurail account and not an Interrail account?


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THis seems lately one of the widest confusions, for the Brits-possibly as they seem now completely dazed off by a thing named brexit. As long as the pass is there=50 yrs, and this has never changed, you have to use INTERrail, EUrail is for those from far over the oceans.

Main difference: On INTrl you are only allowed 1 trip OUT and back IN again-for rather obvious reasons the super-expensive BritRail (new name very year) will not want their own people to misuse the system

thanks for the replies.  It seems that I downloaded the Rail Planner app and it defaulted to the instead of  My pass is Interrail as I’m from the UK so does it make any difference if I’ve booked my seat reservations on the site (except of course for the fact that I paid in $)?