Why no reservations Rome to Venice for August

  • 1 April 2022
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I’m from the United States and brand new at this. I’m investigating the possibility of a train trip from Rome back eventually to London.  I have not purchased any passes yet or anything. Just investigating routes etc.   My first attempt was a leg from Rome to Venice on 8/22, using the ‘Book reservations’ from the Eurail site and I found NO reservations available.  As I started looking more I found I had to go back to early June (there may have been something later that I missed).        Is this really a shortage/unavailability?  Or did just just happen to hit a window where these are not posted yet?  (I’ve read other comments in the community recently about this issue).

As I said, I’m investigating and don’t want to get into a situation where I have the pass, but can’t get where i want to, when I want to.    Thx in advance for any help


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The Italian summer timetable (from 12 June) has just been published on the Trenitalia website and it will take some more days for it to show up elsewhere.

Italian day trains are best booked via ÖBB (using these steps), since ÖBB doesn't charge any extra fees and Eurail does (2€ per person and train). But first wait for the summer timetable to show up.

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WAY too early, This is not an ariline nor AmTrak. In the not even very long ago past REServ were only being done 2 month advance. There will be numerous trains/day and these are hardly ever fully booked, if at all, till 1-2 days advance.

To get a global idea of how trains run-how many, how long etc, simply use a same day of week for next or over 2 weeks-timings may chance the odd minute by then