Would you recommend reservations with first class pass on Weekend days and Interlaken - Zurich?

  • 31 May 2023
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I’ll put two related questions here. 1) Would you recommend a reservation with a first class pass on Friday July 14 from Interlaken to Zurich and for Saturday July 15 from Zurich - Heidelberg ?

Part two - for the Interlaken-Zurich route I see 11AM IC 817 on the 14th with the Eurail site showing $13.44 charge for the two of us to reserve.  The Austrian OBB site is showing no cost, but is allowing me to make a reservation.  Is that correct?  I’ve used that site for previous madatory reservations and paid the fee, but wonder if I’ve done something wrong getting a reservation for no cost?  Below is what It is shows, and I also got to download the PDF ticket.



Seat reservation


Adult,Thomas XXXX

No applicable discount


Adult,Leita XXXX

No applicable discount

Interlaken OstZürich Flughafen

1st Class

Valid for IC 817 on Fri, 14 July 2023 at 11:00Valid from Friday 14. July 2023 09:00 thru Friday 14. July 2023 11:14

Coach 2, accomm. 161 162 (window)


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1st class optional seat reservations are indeed free of charge through OBB. :) great offer ! (definitely do not pay the 13$ !)

I would never make seat reservations in Switzerland. 1st class is very rarely busy and will be empty on a weekday at 9am.

However for Zurich - Heidelberg I'd recommend to make one for peace of mind. German trains can be busy and as reservations are free anyway... :)

Btw for Interlaken - Zurich : I'd suggest the route via Lucerne. It takes about 45 min longer but the scenery is really beautiful. (of course if you'd have taken that line before, no need to)

@thibcabe  Thanks so much. Much appreiated!