Wrong date on physical seat reservation

  • 30 June 2022
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We bookes a seat reservation through InterRail.eu from Copenhagen to Hamburg, departing 23.56 on 2022-07-03 and arriving 06.15 2022-07-04. But when we recieved the ticket(printable PDF), the time and dates were wrong. It says that the train will depart 00.01 2022-07-03 and arrive 06.15 2022-07-03, which is the wrong date. 


Will we still be able to board this train on the night between sunday(3/7) and monday(4/7)?

4 replies

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What is the train number on the ticket you received ?


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I'd be interested to see a screenshot of the reservation (wipe out your name). 0:01 is the departure time from the first stop of the train (Valby, a district of Copenhagen). 6:15 is the correct arrival time in Hamburg Altona. This train does not run 1 night earlier, and 1 night later, it has a different timetable, so my guess is you stil have a reservation for the train you wanted.

Next time, book via DSB for only half the price.

Hi, thanks for the responses. The train number is IC399. I have attached screenshot of the ticket and the reservation from the website. 


But you are probably right, the train does not seem to run on the earlier night.



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Interesting. It's some kind of issuing error.

How did the journey go? Did someone else show up for your seat?