Wrong Eurostar reservation. Standard premier instead of premier

  • 16 July 2022
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We are a family of 4 heading off interailing on 1 August.


We have Eurostar reservations from London  to Brussels. We booked them a while ago but have somehow got standard premier reservations rather than standard - and our pass is 2nd class so doesn't cover standard premier. Our return reservations are fine. We only spotted this today when gathering bits and pieces together.

We are not sure how this happened. To be honest our minds were frazzled at the time as one of our kids was in hospital for 8 days and was quite poorly.

We have contacted Eurostar but the auto response says it might take 28 days to reply as they are busy.

What are our options?  We are happy to pay any extra fees or whatever as it looks like our fault.






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Hi were do you have bought your Eurostar reservation? Check with them. 

If you have use use this form: Submit a request – Eurail Knowledge Base Write there, when you are traveling, to get asap help. 


Thank you. We used ACP Rail because the Interail site and our pass are not syncing (because we originally had paper passes for 2020 that got switched to mobile passes for 2022). I have contacted acp.

Eurostar came to the rescue ... with a bit of a nudge from a travel journalist who gave them a prod and reminded them that, sometimes, rigid procedures and 'computer says no' doesn't lead to good decision making.

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The reservation in Standard Premier is correct for a 1st class pass.

If you have a 2nd class pass you can travel in Standard and with a 1st class pass you can travel in Standard Premier. Premier is not available to pass holders.