Alicante to Yorkshire

  • 12 January 2024
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My plan is to make this journey by yrain: Alicante, Barcelona, Paris, Eurostar, London, Leeds. Two questions:

You can't use a Eurail pass in your country of residence, in my case Spain, but you are allowed one day " para la salida". Does this mean that as long as I get to France on the first day, I'll be Ok?


Can I use the Eurail pass easily in the UK? And what about Eurostar?

Anyone with answers will uave my deepest gratitude!

Steve Green

5 replies

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Yes, if your country of residence is Spain, you’re limited to 2 days in Spain. Most people use this for one day on the way out, as one on the way back, but you don’t have to. You can use them at any time. 

Seat61 has some good suggested routes, with suggested times, but of course you can take a different route if you prefer.

Unfortunately, you need reservations on most of your trains, which adds to the cost. Again Seat61 has a good list of prices in each country. No reservations needed for the UK train, just hop on.

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PS is that Casaroc in Sella? I think I stayed with you years ago! Small world. 

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Between Barcelona and Paris you’ve got multiple alternatives :

  • direct TGV twice daily : 35€ reservation (really popular, book in advance)
  • regional train to Cerbère or Latour de Carol + night train to Paris 20€ couchette
  • regional trains to Montpellier or Nîmes (via Cerbère) and TGV to Paris from there 10-20€

Eurostar trains have a passholder quota so book in advance too to avoid being stuck (always more trains from Lille in case). Evening trains have generally more availability.

Questions welcome of course.

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As a Spanish resident you must buy an Interrail pass and not a Eurail pass. Eurail is for persons living outside of Europe. 

Thanks for all the really helpful information and suggestions. Looks like my main task will be reserving places on the various routes.

And yes, ralderton, this is Casaroc in Sella, glad you remember your stay with us !