Antwerp to Frankfurt

  • 27 July 2023
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Hello, we will be travelling from Antwerp Central to Frankfurt… there is a change trains stop in Brussels Nord from an IC 4531 to an ICE 15, which is a 5 minutes change time.  I am wondering if 5 minutes is enough to get from one train to the other?  Like would they be on the same track or would we have to walk across the station?  Is there a way to find out where certain trains stop and start within each station? Thanks!


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The change is doable in 5 min but I wouldn't risk missing the ICE, it's an important and infrequent connection. I'd recommend taking the same IC train 30 min earlier (leaving Antwerp at 09:25).

You should be able to find platform numbers on SNCB (Belgian Railways) app or website. or DB Navigator app usually show them too but last minute changes can always happen.

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That connection is too tight. They have some problems finding staff for trains in Antwerp, which results in unpredictable delays and cancellations. Take a train a bit earlier.


Trains from Antwerp usually stop at the higher numbers (9-12), while the the ICE at the lower platform numbers (1-4).

By taking an earlier train you might be able to board in Zuid/Midi, which is always a bit more relaxed to board the ICE than No(o)rd, where the ICE just stops briefly and where there are no train composition indicators.