Are Milano Centrale and Milano Rogoredo next to eachother. I have to switch trains

  • 25 May 2022
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This is our first time abroad and traveling by train.  One of our legs is from Como to Bologna.  We go from Como to Milano Centrale and then Milano Rogoredo to Bologna Centrale.  Can anyone tell me if the Milano Centrale and Milano Rogoredo are next to each other?  It shows we switch trains.

3 replies

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@Angelo One for you again 🌞

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Thanks Anna for tagging,


There are so many trains from Milano Centrale to Bologna, use one of them without changing station. 

I can help you with more Information like day and time. Do you want to use the regional trains (without reservations) or the high speed train? One train pro day goes from Zurich via Como to Bologna, this is also a possibility. 

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These due stazione are certainly not at all ´next´ to one-plus that Centrale is giant big-one of the very biggest in all of EUR. As IT angelo explains-also dozens of treni diretti delle Centr-just wait a few more mins.

The curse of these planners that spit out impossible trips and people today have no clue anymore whatsoever to be able to look at maps.