Berlin to Lison with bike

  • 3 September 2022
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Dear all,

I was hoping to do a bike trip in Portugal following the Eurovelo 1 Route at the end of September/beginning-mid October.

However, I seem to not be able to find connections in Spain that will allow me to bring my bike without dissembling and storing it in a box.

Do you have any advice or experience taking your bike on trains in Spain to Portugal? I will be happy to also cycle in Spain to connect to places if need be.


Thanks for your help :)



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Every railway sets its own rules in howtodo with bikes-and these -as you have noted-may dffier a lot between country 1 then 2. A simply google; how to take bike in X/ by train´ will usually lead to quick link. I have noted there also seem to be a few sites dedicated to taking bikes-like this forum is for passes etc. You also cannot really expect us to know all the places for the 100s of velo-routes, so some more info might also have been useful. In ES these rules may also differ a lot between train types-the hispeed AVE most likely the very hardest and local cercanias/regionales the easiest.

As such connections over rails ES->PT are very scarce and not overly user friendly. is best source for current info.

As an ALT you may consider-but again no idea how their stand is vs bikes-an ALSA or perhaps FLIX bus for the last leg.

Hi Mcadv,

thanks for your reply. Indeed, I have googled quite a bit and according to RENFE only non-high-speed mid-distance trains allow you to transport your bike without dissembling. I will try and get in contact with their customer service,too but was hoping somebody might have made a journey lkike this.

I kept the data vagues intentionally, since my original plan (Berlin-Lisbon and Porto-Berlin) may not be feasible after all and I´d be flexible, as long as I manage to get to Portugal at all :). There are no Flixbus routes unfortunately. :)

Thanks for your help again.