Black Forest Konus travel card

  • 22 May 2022
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Has anybody experience of the Konus travel card for free regional public transport around the Black Forest?

It seems if you are staying at many of the hotels/B&Bs in the Black Forest you get a free travel card for the duration of your stay.

Obviously not of value for continuous passes but for those on X days in Y months it could be an excellent added value.

Also there is a Bavaria daily ticket allowing unlimited travel (again only on regional trains) over a large area that is 24Euro for one plus 8 euro per extra passenger.

Any views welcomed.

3 replies

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There are several of such tourist tickets in Germany :)

It´s in my experience a great idea.

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Yes, we used the Konuskarte during our B&B in the “Gutachtal”. We used to visit Seebrugg, Basel, Freiburg (several times). Indeed a great idea. However during the months June, July and August you can use regional trains (Nahverkehr) in the whole (!!!) country for €9 per month!!

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Ja, yes, I was there some 3-4 yrs ago, with the ticket in mind. NOte that NOT all towns give it out-the site mentions where. NOT main centres like Freiburg or Offenburg. Yes in Hausach where you can admire the biggest cuckoo-clock in the world.

You have been informed about the 9€ ticket which covers all of DE and this gives much better value.

As wulf tells, many touristy regions in DE have such kind of tickets-sometimes for a very small fee. IC-hotels in main towns always give you a free ticket for local transportation-in the VRR=RHein Ruhr area it covers the whole Verbund. But having used them a few times I am not overly enthusiastic about IC-HTls.

In Swiss this way of treating honorable guests is even much more widespread-there even most YouthHostels do it-use the printed booking form on the way to-in DE you always first have to get the actual printed ticket from the placetostay=hence pay the way to reach it.

 The BAYERN ticket is now 26 basic and also covers ALL local transit, but on mo-fr only from 9.00.

ALl Germans ´Länder´ have such tickets at slightly various prices-around 25€/1 p. Can buy all year round-in main summer often with various other freebees. But of course this yr the 9€ is far better value