Boarding Night Jet Amsterdam to Innsbruck

  • 31 July 2023
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Does anyone know what time we can board the Amsterdam to Innsbruck Night Jet train - departs 19.30, so wondering what time it is usually open for boarding ? Thanks!


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9 replies

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Depends a bit on the other train traffic in the station that day. But no more than 20 or 15 minutes before departure. Sometimes the train rolls in even just a couple of minutes before departure. 

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As Amsterdam is a big station with continuous flow (not a terminus) the night train cannot stop for very long. Maybe 10 min before departure at best, there is usually another train leaving from the same track at about 19:15.

Thank you both. Do you know why in my obb app the nightjet is showing as arriving in Innsbruck at 09.49am but in the interrail app where I have the journey/ticket in my planner it shows arrival as 09.14am? They are both definitely the same 421 Nightjet train.

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The rail planner app is often outdated because it is only updated every few weeks. ÖBB will be correct.

Do check for app updates. By the time you travel, chances are it will have had an update with the correct time.

Thank you - not long now!! First time interrailing and first time on a sleeper! 

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Have a good journey!

Key tip: when in doubt on the train and traffic information you receive from different sources = always trust the information of the rail companies itself. :)

Ohja, and best print your reservations for night trains, as staff usually keeps the ticket.

Thank you - if I print the pdf reservation does it still show this  on my obb app? 

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Thank you - if I print the pdf reservation does it still show this  on my obb app? 

I thought you had to choose with ÖBB, or printout/pdf or show it on the app. But maybe it changed, it’s already a year since I last travelled with ÖBB. Maybe someone else might conform?

For all other trains a pdf or digital reservation is just fine, and it’ll probably will be on the night train too.  The most important is that you have a valid way to travel, which you have ;)

Yes - am not sure as it says if download pdf then there is no way to cancel so I am not sure if it would then stay on app too as a ticket. So what I have done is printed screenshots of the reservation info with couchette berth etc on and then will show it in the app. Hopefully this will be ok!