Can I take my bicycle on my entire trip?

  • 27 June 2022
  • 2 replies

Hello everyone. I am planning to travel europe with my bicycle. I will start from Turkey/İstanbul and ı will travel from istanbul to munchen/germany on train with my bicycle. Can I take my bicycle on train all the munchen way? Thank you so much.

2 replies

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You have to Check on each national Website if its possible to carry your bike on the trains 🙂 from Budapest to Munich it's for Sure possible 


Istanbul- Bucharest I have no experience but i doubt it will be possible 

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This is the only train leaving TR-and in summertime only-and its TCDD-so it should be quite easy for you to ask them.

Also note that taking bike often needs extra REServation+extra cost-often so high that rent-a-bike may be more economical on some days.