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  • 10 April 2023
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Hello people!

As my previous question insinuates, I am going on an interrail trip this summer. We start in Dublin, catching a flight to Madrid and ending in Paris. I have just one question for some people(Mostly Irish) about Carry on bag rules. So I have my flights booked that allows me to have a 10kg Carry On and a 20kg Checked bag if I want to, but obviously the horror stories of lost bags in Airports has set me off checking in my bag if I can avoid it as much as possible.


So I have recently purchased a bag from Decathlon, it’s a Forclaz 50L Men’s trekking bag, link here:

It’s dimensions are 58cm Height, 26cm Wide and 26cm of Depth. My question to people who have travelled Aer Lingus before with their carry on bags, do you think I’d get away with bringing that on and not checking it in? It is slightly taller than the airlines permissions, I think Aer Lingus has a maximum height dimension of 55/56cm, but I feel if the bag isn’t fully packed I can probably squash it down, plus it has compression straps to help. I’m travelling from July 6th → July 31st so, will I need to pack 10kg+ worth of stuff or again, will weight hinder me here.

Hopefully my question isn’t too long winded but I figured, the more details I can give the less time I waste of yours answering silly “so how bigs your bag” questions.

So to summarise TL:DR, what are peoples experiences bringing big, heavy bags on as Carry On?


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This question gets answered more often on other travel forums that provide a broader range of topics than rail travel focus here.

The general consensus seems to be that if you can "squish" your bag down to Aer Lingus' maximum dimensions you'll be fine.

If you can't squish it into the right size, but if it isn't clearly oversized or clearly too heavy,  you'll probably have no problems either.

If it's clearly too big or in the unlikely event they make you measure or weigh it and it's over, then obviously it's their rules at their discretion and whatever good/bad luck you may encounter.