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  • 9 February 2024
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Hello everyone! my name is Joy and I’m from California, USA. I just found this community:) and never traveled by train before. My main question is how does this really work? lol . I built my itinerary from London but since there is not a lot information I was little confused😟 Do I hop on these trains? I assume I need to make reservations? are those extra $$? and I assume I hop off destination #1 explore and hop back to another train for destination #2 and so forth? and what about visas? ahhh, sorry for the questions but I don’t want to hit purchase without knowing what I'm doing. 


Thank you all😊

















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I think an introduction to Eurail would be useful:

Reservations are mandatory for some trains, optional for some others and not possible for most trains.

Here's a page on where best to book reservations:

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After reading the introduction posted above and you still have questions where to find reservations, how trains work or look like, don’t doubt to ask.

Quintessential for us is that you elaborate a bit of your travel plans (date, train times, starting point and destination) in order to help you properly.

I’m sure plenty of us make sure you’re on the right track.