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  • 14 September 2023
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I see your introduction how to connect trip to pass but I don’t see button Save JORNEY. What should I do ? 


Best answer by Al_G 15 September 2023, 18:01

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7 replies

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Have you looked for a journey and the clicked on a specific departure? Then it should look like this.


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Yes , I know . But it’s looks like that . Meaning I missed something. 

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That is a journey already added and stored in a trip but the trip is not connected to a pass.

You can only have 1 trip connected to a pass, all journeys must be added to that trip.

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It’s says trip is con

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It’s says trip connected 

thank you 

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The journey is saved to the trip but the pass is not yet activated.

When you activate your pass it will show a button to activate each journey individually.


You should be careful activating the pass, it can be deactivated should you need to cancel or change your travel plans but it can only be deactivated before the first day you select has begun.

General advice is not to activate until you are 100% sure you are using it.

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Thank you .