Covid Testing Requirements for train travel

  • 18 December 2021
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Hello, my wife & I will be traveling next week & I wasn't sure what entry requirements that I see are applicable to train travel. We are taking the train from Germany to Switzerland to Italy. Will travel by train follow all of the same entry requirements as somebody traveling by plane?

2 replies

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Unfortunately yes. The actual version is not available yet in english but should be soon:


See article eight, you need PCR test to enter, and after 4 to 7 days a PCR or antigen test within switzerland

But they announced changes for monday:

Antigen test should also be accepted for entering (24h) and if you are vaccinated or recovered you shouldnt need an test after 4 to 7 days anymore. But, you cant check yet this changements in law now, only on monday. Pretty stupid, I know, but unfortunately normal.

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Italy now also requires a negative test.

The starting point for such questions is, as always,