• 8 July 2021
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In a couple of weeks time I intend to travel around Croatia and Bosnia on my honeymoon, both me and the wife (to be at the moment, seems crazy writing that after the last 18month) are double jabbed, so it will be fine entering Croatia from the UK, are we able to cross into Bosnia and then back into Croatia again the next week without doing anything, or will we need to do tests and at what point.  Are things more complicated with us no longer being in EU/Schengen and Croatia being in EU and Bosnia not.
Many thanks if anyone knows the answers, my head hurts from looking at all the different things 🤣

2 replies

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There is no guarantee that this answer is correct as it´s hard to understand. I understand the Croatian Foreign ministery want from everyone a max. 48hrs old Antigentest or max. 72h old PCR Test if they enter Croatia from a non European Union Country :/

Looks like you need a test to Enter Croatia from UK and a new Test when entering Croatia from Bosnia :)

Bosnia needs a test or a proof of vaccination completed + 15days :)

Thank you, yeah I did fear it was something like that, they seem to make some of the information hard to get your head round.