Crossing between countries by train during COVID (updated)

  • 21 October 2021
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Does anyone know of the new restrictions with regard to crossing between countries via rail?

Do you need a COVID test for each country you go into? Is your COVID vaccination pass enough?

3 replies

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There's no such thing as "the new restrictions” since the requirements change almost on a daily basis and vary per country.

However, a good starting point is, with summaries per country and links to the relevant national authorities.

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After "researching" so far, a certificate of two vaccinations is sufficient at least in most countries in the EU. You need to check the situation in the country you plan to travel to. 

We have been to Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary and now Croatia. Only Croatian police asked to show the certificate at the border.

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you can always check here:

It’s always updated and can let you know all the information you might need for the different countries and you can set details for yourself!

Hope it helps!