Crossing borders during covid

  • 3 February 2022
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Hi there! 
It is my first time travelling to Europe. With the current covid restrictions in place, can I still use Eurail to get between countries in Europe, or can it only be used within a single country?

I am triple vaccinated and therefore will be able to obtain a vaccine certificate.  

I understand that different countries have slightly different rules regarding entry criteria. Therefore I’m wondering how the trains are operating at the moment to uphold these rules. 

For example, would I still be able to catch a train from Greece to Croatia if I met all the correct requirements for each country? I.e vaccine certificate, and negative covid test. 

Who checks these when the train crosses the borders into new countries? 

Thank you for your help

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2 replies

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Of course you can! No problem. Trains run mostly as normal.

Only in the far south east of EUR, the Balkans (think of Serbije and surrounding countries) most INTernational trains are cancelled. THUS: there are/were in fact NO trains at all from GR to Hrvatska=Croatia. But that was already nearly so before the pandemic came. Use a general EUR-wide travelplanner for trains, like of (this is german railways, it works for nearly all of EUR). The planner of EUrail is often incomplete and not regularly updated.

As for now, this week, in several countries there are also many cancellations due to high level of sick staff. But that usually means that on a certain line the trains now run every 30 in stead of 20 mins.

You do, if vaccinated+Booster, in general not have to make new tests all the time-only a very few countries still want that (f.e. ITaly). BUT you beter get a EUR QR code as the checks are more often for HTL or Restrt-as a tourist you cannot really avoid that. In SOME countries (DE,FR,IT) you also need to be able to show this on board trains-there are spot checks every now and then. But this all can change by the minute!

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Most borders are open but with spot checks for the COVID requirements. Check for each country's requirements. They change regularly with little notice so also check shortly before travelling. If you're only travelling in a few months’ time, then it's no use looking at the rules now because everything will probably have changed.