Disruptions on the Vienna to Venice Railjet 131 route, advice on how it would appear?

  • 23 May 2024
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Hi all,


I am considering taking the early 6AM train from Vienna to Venice on 20 July 2024 (as a consequence of the Nightjet being cancelled); however, it also seems that RJ 131 is experiencing disruptions.



I would like to ask whether anybody has insight into what such a route would look like and how long it would take?
I am happy to take a bus (seeing as the Villach to Carnia bus is 1hrs only on Google maps) but my main concern is scenery (scenic trains in Australia are much more expensive than Europe!!) and whether the train will get to Venice around 2, otherwise I’d rather take a plane for time saving considerations.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.


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The timetable for the rail replacement bus is not confirmed yet so I may just tell you what it did look like previously when the track has been closed.

There may be a direct bus service from Villach to Venezia. If this would happen the travel time for the bus is about 3 hours to Venezia Mestre so it’s about the same travel time (the bus may be a little bit faster when going without stops in between). Of course you need to add a little bit because all the people need to change in Villach; but the bus station is just in front of the train station; you just need to cross the street. Most likely it would like this (otherwise you’d need an austrian train in Italy that can’t get back).

For the scenery: The most scenic part is the one from Wien to Villach so you would not miss this one anyway. The italian part is in my opinion even better when going by bus. The first part in Italy is scenic, but there are many tunnels when going by train.