Do I need to have tickets using my Europass if reservations aren't required

  • 8 May 2024
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I’m travelling next month across Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.  We’ve purchased our Euro pass but I need to know if we still need to print tickets for legs that don’t require reservations.  For instance, travelling between Vienna and Salzburg.

I just don’t want to get onto a train only to find out that we needed a printed ticket before boarding even though we have a 5-day pass.

Can anyone help???


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5 replies

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The pass is the ticket, in all situations.

Reservations are in addition and only required on trains with compulsory reservations.

Vienna - Salzburg does not require reservations, just add the journey to your pass and you can board and take any unreserved seat, you may of course reserve if you wish.

Excellent!  Thanks so much.

One more (silly) question….  when are we supposed to fill in the information in our paper pass?  Can it be done just prior to boarding?  Do we need to write down all of our trips before we use our passes?

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On paper pass you should always put the journey in before boarding, you risk having issues with the train staff if not.

You definitely shouldn’t add your entire trip as any alterations will be messy, only add a train when you know you will be taking it.

Awesome!  Thank you so much.  I’m feeling more relaxed already


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As you not are allowed to delete anything written on a paper pass, you should be 100% sure that you will board a train before writing it down on your pass.