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  • 25 August 2023
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Hello, we’re a family of 5, and we’re traveling from Amsterdam to Luxemburgo at night, but I can’t find the price nor the times of departure. Can you please help me? Thank you very much. 


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5 replies

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there is no suitable night connection from Amsterdam to Luxembourg. Better to use daytime trains 

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The travel from Amsterdam to Luxembourg is a bit less than 6 hours during daytime and there are no night trains on the route.

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No night trains indeed. Only reservation free day trains. When are you travelling? There are 2-3 route options/suggestions I can give you, but a lot of engineering works going on. Which might limit choices.

Thank you very much for your answers. We would like to go from Amsterdam to Luxemburgo on September  the 4th or next day. 

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Basically you have two option, possible every hour (but not overnight):

The Quickest route
SLightly slower, but bypassing Brussels

The most scenic option, straight through the Ardennes (most direct route from Liège to Luxemburg, over Gouvy, Clervaux and Ettelbruck) is closed alas, due to maintenance. A replacement bus is available from Gouvy, but will prolong journey time.

Option two can be nice if you want to see something else than the big cities in the Benelux-countries. Maastricht, Liège, Namur are well worth a visit if you want to stretch your lengs somewhere in the journey.