Finland rail travel in December.

  • 3 April 2024
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Hi fellow Travellers! I want to bring my daughter to Finland for Christmas and I’m wondering when the timetable for Finland to Rovaniemi will be available? 

I’ve been looking at flights, but they all get in at ridicules times. Please help me out, as I am coming from Australia and want to make this Christmas perfect for my little one.

I also want to hurry up and buy the accommodation but am yet to know how best to get there.


So far my Europe trip is - From London train to Paris train to Amsterdam - fly Finland and train up and back to Rovaniemi then fly back from Helsinki to London.

Thanks All, Cara


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4 replies

You do never know exactly, but last year (2023) it's been possible to book long distance trains in Finland from October 4th at 10am for dates past December 12th (earlier dates did open July 6th).

To get an idea for the possible timetable, just have a look at the current one.

Thanks so much for your reply Hektor. It fills me with some confidence that there might be another alternative and might not need to rely on just flights to get around.

Sorry could I also ask if you know if these trains are packed or booked out at all around this time?

Thanks again for your answer, I really appreciate it 😁

Normally you do have two daytime connections and two nighttime (sleeper) trains to choose from and if you book early enough it should be no problem to get places. I assume you wouldn’t not book last minute...

Thank you so much Hektor, I will absolutely keep an eye on it 😁