Folding bike while travelling?

Hi everyone,

Im going to travel with one friend (we are both 18 years old) through Europe (Germany, Denmark, Netherland, France, Spain) for 1 month. 

We are thinking about taking folding bikes with us to be more flexible, fast and spend less money on public transport in the cities. 

Do you think this would be a good idea? Or do you think we should leave our folding bikes at home? 

There are no information in the internet about how useful folding bikes are while interrailing…

Thank you!


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Some connections offer very little time. So you could risk missing the train if you have a lot of luggage. That’s the only problem I see.

Each railway company can have their own rules about luggage. But i guess most of them accept folding bikes. 

Hi @eva16beyer ,

I was wondering what your decision has become? Because I’m also thinking about taking the folding bike with me.


Hi! We havent come to a conclusion yet… still very insecure!
Do you have any other thoughts about the folding bike? What are your cons/pros?