Friend couldn't go interrailing, what should I do now?

  • 27 June 2021
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Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well!

I hope this question is accepted even though it’s not all about interrailing...

I was planning to go interrailling with my best friend this summer, but now she got a new job and can’t go (luckily we didn’t get tickets yet). I cannot stress how much I want to go travelling and see the world. I graduated from high school a year ago and really need to experience something different, as I don’t know what to study yet - and I saved up a bit of money from working by now. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas on what I should do: solo travel, group tours, guide school, voluntary work, au pair or workaway etc... I am open to all suggestions, vague or specific :) 

Also if anyone is in the same situation/same age, maybe we can become travel partners (I am 19 and love to meet new people)

Thank you!


1 reply

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Hi Emilie, great to hear you want to embark on an adventure! Well, what you can do is totally up to you of course. However, I can say that anything you choose will give you a different experience, and whatever you choose you will always find like-minded people along the way.

I usually travel solo and went on my first trip when I was your age. My trip lasted for 10 days, so I could get a feel of what it's like. So perhaps take it small and see if it's something you enjoy? 

I also did a workaction at a campsite a couple of years ago. This requires a bit more planning, because you have to apply for a job and arrange the journey, etc. There are of course many things you can do, paid and unpaid. It's something that I'd like to do again in the future in a different position.

And remember, there's always a next year and the year after if you want to do multiple things.

Cheers, Mattheas