Germany-Switzerland train plans

  • 28 March 2024
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Trying to plan with rail seeming the best option.   Arriving in Munich, then to Bayreuth for Wagner festival.

Next to St. Moritz.  It seems there are several changes required and I will likely have one large suitcase and something else.   I have a hanging bag which would be ideal for my dress clothing, but fear it might be difficult to navigate the changes so am considering a decent sized back pack.  I will likely practice pack  and adjust what I take.

The friends I am meeting in St Moritz say the hotel will drive us to the station and help us get on the train to ZUR and they claim 2d class is fine.

OK, I have taken trains before to and from Bayreuth and we always took 1st and it was still difficult to find space for luggage.

Any ideas for how I can best navigate this trip or have I boxed myself in?  I could rent a car to go Bayreuth-St Moritz or even hire a car and driver, but both are quite expensive.   I am old but pretty fit(at least no disabilities) but changing trains always involves a bit of uncertainty depending upon the distance and the finding the car on each train.

Thanks for any advice.  The trip will be in August, if that makes any difference.


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It will go fine as I said in your other post. Follow my advice there and don't worry.

Even if you were to miss a connection in Germany (still unlikely) enjoy that time to discover the place, make a break and eat something. You'll make it to St. Moritz at the end of the day for sure.

2nd class is definitely fine. 1st class is unecessarily expensive for frequent travellers but a 1st class Eurail Global Pass isn't much more expensive than a 2nd class one so treat yourself if you wish.

(However you should calculate whether a pass makes sense in the first place.)


Right! So I price the three trips and then see if a pass makes sense. I already have my flights so know I won’t need more trains. Luggage is my biggest issue as I can’t look like a bum at Bayreuth

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Check prices on 1st class isn't always much more expensive with saver tickets.


OK Thanks. I guess it is what it is.  I know when we went to Bayreuth a few years ago  the trains were small, crowded and a luggage rack tiny and nowhere near our seats

Im going to an opera festival so can’t be in a backpack with t-shirts