Help - Struggling to understand using trains in Greece

  • 26 February 2024
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Apologies for the novice question. I am travelling from London to Athens using the global pass. It feels sensible to work back so I am trying to book my last journey first - Thessaloniki to Athens on 26 July. I have seen some info saying you can only book from a local greek train station (very unhelpful if true) and other info that you can book online in advance. I have looked at the Hellenic website but that doesn’t show any trains for the 26th July but this is a popular route. Surely that can’t be right?

My two questions:

Where can I find the times of these trains because no where seems to say they have any trains on this route on this day, which seems strange?

Can I book a ticket in advance for this train, if so what is the best website to do which takes interail global pass?

All help greatly appreciated.





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Greek railways don't publish timetables a long time in advance. Take a look at timetables on a closer date to get an idea.

Pass reservations can indeed only be booked at a Greek ticket office. They're free of charge.

Thank you for your reply. Sorry to be a pain but what do you mean by pass reservations can indeed only be booked at a Greek ticket office? Are you saying that I can’t book in advance? 





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You can't make the reservation in advance unless you visit a Greek ticket office some time before your train leaves.