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  • 27 February 2024
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I want to travel from Paris to Madrid but I want to leave Paris in the evening. However there is no direct connection so there only connections like the one from the link below. There you need to change the train in the morning. So my question is if i book this whole journey in advance (2 different trains) do i need 1 or 2 travel days from my global pass?


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That will be 2 travel days. When you book doesn't matter. What matter is that you board another train on a new day and that requires a new travel day.

Ok thanks! Appreciate the quick help :) So we will have to take a train wich leaves in the morning and arrives in the afternoon/evening.

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It’s quite a long journey but still doable in a day. Fastest route (but most expensive) via Barcelona :

  • TGV Paris Gare de Lyon - Barcelona-Sants 09:42 - 16:33 35€
  • AVE Barcelona-Sants - Madrid-Atocha 17:25 - 19:55 10€

There is an earlier departure in summer. This route is very popular so book as soon as your dates are set.

For something totally different via the Atlantic side :

  • TGV Paris-Montparnasse - Hendaye 07:04 - 11:47 10-20€
  • Euskotren Hendaye - San-Sebastian 12:03 - 12:40 or later (every 30 min) → get tickets for 3-4€ at the station
  • break and 15 min walk to the station
  • ARC San Sebastian - Madrid-Chamartin 15:17 - 20:10 8.60€

This route doesn’t appear on all planners due to the Euskotren.

Questions welcome.