How much does a bed cost on the interrail ?

  • 29 October 2023
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Hello, I would be interested in knowing how much a berth costs on the night interrail?


I say this because it says that a bunk bed is in a 4-seater compartment: it is €41, and I don't know if that is a bunk bed or 4 bunk beds.

Besides, it says that with the reservation of the first class seat you get a bunk, and I don't know if that's the case, why then for €5 do I get a bunk for myself?

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Names and prices can be confusing on Interrail website. Best book through the railway company : likely Nightjet per your post. Go to and add Interrail as a discount.

Prices on Interrail should be (incl. 2€ fee which you can avoid) : 5€ for a 1st or 2nd class seat and 41€ for a bunk/couchette in a 4-6 person compartment. Sleepers are more expensive but then you save a night accommodation.

More info :

Feel free to ask further questions, mentioning if possible route and travel date. :)

Okay then, from what I have read, with a first or second class reservation I can get a bunk bed no matter what, without having to pay €41, right?
I have read it here : 


This is what it says on that page.

Option 3, using the Eurail/Interrail reservations service

The Eurail/Interrail reservations service can also make reservations for sleepers & couchettes on InterCity Notte trains, but there's a problem.  If you have a 2nd class pass it only offers couchettes, even though you're entitled to book single or double sleepers with a 2nd class pass.  So if you have a 2nd class pass and want to book a single or double sleeper, use option 3 below.

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What route do you want to travel?

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For Italian night trains it's best to use ItaliaRail as suggested by Seat61 :

But first check how much is an advance ticket on your date. They're often not more expensive than the reservation (especially if you save a pass day) and you can get a private cabin.