How to travel during UK train strikes?

  • 16 June 2022
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Hi all,

Like a few others here, much of my train travel (using my GlobalPass) was meant to happen in the UK next week which is now hobbled by the strikes and I’m wondering a few things.

Is it possible to board a train even when reservations are full using my GlobalPass? Or is there some way to discern if a reservation is available further down the line, so at some point I’ll have a proper seat.

Or if not, is there any affiliation with coach companies like National Express where I could use my Pass for a coach instead?

Trying to sort out travel ASAP for June 21st, London > Penrith.


*EDIT to add that I’m arriving from Paris on Eurostar the early morning of the 21st.

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Your pass is for trains only-and most likely you are now far too late to find coaches (bus for non-Brits-like the Greyhound) with open seats. There is also FLIXbus (who bought this GrHd last yr) and perhaps still MegaBus (both are low-cost budgetty with all that comes with that).

What this variety of british train operators do to give assistence to their clients in such occasions I do not know-perhaps there is a Brit here with own experience.