I left my luggage on the train. How to recover them?

  • 24 June 2022
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I’ve left my luggage on the train from Zürich to Milan how do I recover my baggage I was travelling first class Treni Italia euro city 319 Coach 9 Seat 66 on the 23/06/2022 time arrived at 16.50 I’m Milan Is there anyway I can get some help , I’ve reported it in Milan but Treni Italia could not help me …not an Italian train they said ! any help or suggestions would be much appreciated

3 replies

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indeed Trenitalia is the train company of the train in Italy, and you ask the right company for help. 

Maybe you could get contact to swiss railways. Submitting a loss report | SBB help & contact

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Indeed Trenitlia office should assist you as they operate this train in italy. Your second chance is to ask SBB Swiss rail

Thank you so much still no luck we have now travelled to Rome I checked with Treni Italia in Rome they said that it’s out of their control I don’t usually give up that easily but it looks like Im not going to locate is luggage . 🤷‍♀️