Immigration check from one schengen country to another via rail?

  • 20 July 2022
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I am from UK and have schengen visa for short term. I am travelling 1st time via interrail pass. When we go from one schengen country to another schengen country via train, is there an immigration check done while entering that country e.g.- from barcelona(spain) to nimes (france) to lyon (france): will there be an immigration/passport check and stamp at each schengen country and do we need to consider having additional hourse in between legs in that case?

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3 replies

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No, there are no routine border checkpoints within the schengen area.

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There ARE still-mostly/only in Germany for incoming pax from CZ/PL/Austria on some routes-notably in Bayern(=toward Múnchen). This as special ´temporary´ measure to control the refugees coming in from UKR. This holds most trains-also RJ-for 20-30 mins in border stations=delays further on.

But as a general rule there are no regular checks anywhere in between Schengen member states

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Generally speaking, there is no strict passport checks that happens when you cross every single border. Every now and then the relevant authorities might perform a passport check on the train, but this is not standard. Please ensure to have the relevant valid travel documents available regardless.