Interrail with 2 medium dogs

Hi there!

We are a couple, currently residing in Belgium. We would like to go somewhere by train during the summer, taking our two medium sized dogs (12 and 15 kg). 

They are both:

  • vaccinated to day
  • with EU passport
  • microchiped 

What are the countries that you could travel with the dogs on the train? If we take a night train with beds, could the dogs stay with us?

I have no experience with this whatsoever and every advice is more than welcome. 

Thank you!

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Only nordic countries like Sweden, Finland or Norway have some rules about dogs. Which carriage to sit, ect. Most other European countries have no rules for dogs, except wearing a dog “mask” museruole. If the dog is big, it has to have a Ticket. 

In nighttrains often you have to book a private compartment to use only you with the dog. 

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It seems advisable to me to look up the rules per train company on how you can travel with animals.

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Not quite true-in South EUR there are also more strict rules-esp against rabies etc. and in some countries you can only take 1 or larger beasts have to be in a container during travel. But this differs per country and you´d better inform at a dog-owner club or the like, we cannot know such specific things everywhere