Interrailing as a vegan! Help!

  • 18 October 2021
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In a few weeks I will start my journey from Stockholm to Amsterdam by trains. I think Im finally getting a hang of when to book a reservation, and when its not necessarily needed. Are there any fellow travelers who are vegan? Im wondering if the trains have any vegan options available, or should I prepare myself with lots of snacks? 🙂 Also, can anyone say what is a good amount of time between trains? 


2 replies

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Depends from Country to Country and train to train

On the websites of the operating Rail Companies you can often have a look on the menu of the dinning  cars :) offer few vegan options

Time for changes depends once more from Country to Country and station to station :)
10 minutes in Prague can be to less as they often have delays due the  rail constructions in Czech Republic and delays are actual very common :)
In Switzerland even 3 minutes changes work quite often :) as if a train is slightly delayed the train maybe waits one or two minutes extra :)

I usually plan for Important trains ( for exampe no later backup connection possible) atleast 30minutes and if i have spare time i use it for buying some snacks or drinks at the station instead of the train ( as it´s cheaper :D )


Thank you so much for your answer, this helped a lot. I think ill reserve some extra time, so then there would be time to buy snacks and such:)