Is 6 month vaccination/booster proof required for Eurail in-country travel within France?

  • 26 August 2022
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As an American, I am traveling to France with a vaccination record that shows 2 shots and one booster.  Last booster was 11 months ago September 21st, 2021.   I have also had and recovered from COVID just seven months ago.

I believe I am fine to fly into the country, but I want to take Eurail speed train from Lyon to Paris while I am there.  Will I need to show any proof of updated vaccination (perhaps within 6 months) to be able to take Eurail as long as I am traveling in-country?

2 replies

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currently I think you do not need a proof of a vacsination or test, please check the website of the French Goverment or/and US Ambassy in Paris.

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EUrail as such does not run any trains-it is just a marketing name for all the combined railways in EURope. IN FRance these trains are run by the very burocratic state owned SNCF.

Since at least half a yr now there are no checks whatsoever on covid status-there used to be before. General touristy forums like tripadvisor are usually better equipped for this non-train postings-and will have the answer to all such. It may be the airline you use that may possible still impose some checks.