Is my plan for West & South EU for around 4 weeks doable? What wouldnt you recommend and what to add/change?

  • 20 July 2023
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Im new to this so any recommendations/info is appreciated!

I want to experience a few citys, historic places and specific nature.

I would be able to tour Europe for like 4 weeks. I’d start around either Cologne for “West” or around Frick(Switzerland) for “South”. Maybe I could split these two for two seperate routes since I haven’t found any good connections at all between “West” and “South”. Also it would be great to visit authentic restaurants, preferably near these places, for traditional meals/foods that are also vegetarian based, which I’m currently researching. Spending the nights luxuriously is not a priority, in fact I’d be more than good with hostels/couch sharing/ airbnb. The travel is in focus not the hotel.



[?] = spots to stop by if doable but not essential

  • = Each star indicates my guess on minimim time needed to spend here

    These locations are on my list of choice:

    -West (maybe I combine this with my visit in West Germany)

    • Rotterdam (>paris 3h)
    • Paris (historic landmarks, at least 2 days)
    • [?] Normandy bay - Caen
    • [?] Mont Saint-Michel*


    • [?] Three Picks
    • [?] Santuario Madonna della Corona
    • Florence*
    • Rome**
    • Cinque Terre
    • Naples

    Would it be possible to combine this ticket from South Italy with a ship to:

    • Greece (historic greek landmarks)
    • Turkey:

    Closing thoughts: Any tours you recommend on these destinations? Is the time frame realistic, whats the needed budget for tours for “west”, “south” and “south extension by boat”


    Thanks for your time and experrtise/experience

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