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  • 13 February 2024
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OK. From what I remember, while the trains are fast and efficient in Europe, it is very difficult to navigate them with baggage, especially if there are numerous changes.

At Bayreuth, I will need dress clothing so will most likely require more than one bag.  My next stop would be St Moritz, which involves four(!) changes on the journey.

I’m thinking rail is not the best way to navigate this journey.  Even Frankfurt or other major city might be difficult but on a direct train manageable.


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Trains are definitely the way to go for this journey!

Yes, you need to carry luggage but there are luggage racks everywhere onboard. More and more trains have level boarding too (no steps). You should also allow time for connections, even though 5 min in Switzerland is good enough.

Between Bayreuth and St. Moritz here is a good itinerary :

  • RE Bayreuth Hbf - Nürnberg Hbf 08:03 - 08:55
  • large station but enough time for sure
  • ICE Nürnberg Hbf - München Hbf 09:17 - 10:20
  • pretty large station but you’ve got plenty of time, no need to use ramps (terminus station)
  • EC München Hbf - St. Margrethen SG 10:54 - 13:09
  • tiny station with 2 platforms, ramp
  • IR13 St. Margrethen SG - Chur 13:47 - 14:48
  • small station, plenty of time to use the ramp
  • IR Chur - St. Moritz 14:58 - 17:00

Reservations recommended for the ICE and EC, required for the EC starting in June.

Questions welcome.


That looks feasible but so many changes for an old man with presumably two bags. The timing isn’t terrible as I believe my Hotel would pick me up in St Moritz. 

driving is about 6 1/2 hours  a private car is just more than I care to spend for it. Thanks for the info