Lost IPods on the train . How to get them back?

Lost IPOds on 4-7-2022 from Viareggio, Italy to Lucca.  
Last train of the night to Lucca, Italy.  Train # RE18641 which is currently in the Lucca station.  We lost a pair of IPODs and tracked it back to the train.  The station is closed and we are unable to get into he train.  Is there anyway to find out when that train departs so we can get on it and find them?  

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The first departure in the morning from Lucca is at 05.05.

There is no telling what service the train you want will be on or even if it will run in service from that station.

It is also possible your items will be collected when the train is cleaned and may be in the office in the station or forwarded to the regional lost property office.

Thank you, we showed up at the train station and looked on the train we thought it was on based on Air Pod GPS.  No luck and we are challenged with a Language barrier when sparking to the train engineers.  Do you know where the regional lost property is for the Lucca station?

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I don’t know what their lost property arrangements are and I can’t find it on the FS website either. They seem to have an online service but only for Intercity/Frecce customers.


Lucca station is manned, I would say your best chance is to try the office staff there.

As far as the language barrier goes, it is going to be up to you really to make the effort, people dealing with lots of tourists will typically have some English but many Italians just won’t.

There are some increasingly good translation tools for smartphones, even ones that can translate speech to text. I would say translate a few relevant questions on your phone and clearly write the Italian out on some paper as a starting place.