Luggage, baggage and traveling home.

  • 27 August 2022
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Hello all,

I study at Heidelberg University and am travelling home around the 17th of September to Edinburgh. I have a visa for Germany and want to use my Interrail pass as a way to visit some international friends I’ve made in Dusseldorf and such en route home.

As such, I will be taking a few cases of belongings as I need to empty my Heidelberg flat. Are there are restrictions on the Eurotunnel luggage that you’ve encounter that should make me think again about using this pass as a cheaper way to scuttle around before returning home?


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Check Eurostar site FAQS for definitive answer

The official rule says: You need to carry and lift your bags safely on your own. But I think this should be true - otherwise how would you get them to the train station? *g*

The official answer you'll get: You may carry 2 x pieces of luggage up to 85cm long and 1 x hand luggage e.g. handbag, laptop bag or briefcase.

I did the journey this week with a lot of luggage and in fact I can't imagine that anyone will enforce this rule if it's more. But that's unofficial and you may never know...

Would you like to carry much more?     

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Currently in Brussels E* lounge. Many have large backpack and mid sized wheeled suitcase.

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Leaving on €* from LON a week or 2 ago (and on a pass, end of 1st trip on the half price 3-month and just avoiding the strikes in GB) there were indeed it seems more enforcements that 2 (but very big) cases/rucksacks would be the max. But at that particualr time+train there were quite many people struggling with such heaps-I travel light amap, also then.

The airport-imitation luggage check seems to let anyone just pass by-no idea (except the very obvious) to what these searches are meant for.

And was in HD just the week before that-on the 9€ cheap travel ticket