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  • 21 May 2022
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Hello everyone!!

How can I present my mobile pass during the visa application? Is there a paper for it? Some kinda proof?


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7 replies

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What do you need then for your Visa application? Do you need to show a train ticket?

I'm supposed to present everything during the Schengen Visa application including flight tickets, reservations and interrail ticket. As my ticket is a mobile one, how can I prove that I bought one for the journey?

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Difficult to say without knowing the exact requirements. You could include the email confirmation of your purchase. I'm afraid there won't be many visa specialists here...

I asked Hungarian intermediary company for Visa and I'm told that anything proves the purchase of the pass will do. So I decided to use the Order Payment Confirmation PDF attached to the email we receive after the purchase. Color printout should work fine, I guess. I'll share the details here if I can get it so that others who have same confusion can clarify their doubts.


@Chaos Any update on your  Visa application? My friend lives in UK and he is coming to Paris. He also want to show his travels. 

Did Hungarian Visa services accepted your Global Pass document.




Hi @Tarik Alam 

I asked it to the intermediary company which is handling the application process on behalf of the Hungarian consulate. I'm told that as long as I can present these below there shouldn't be any problem.

- The proof interrail ticket purchase

- The accomodation (hotel reservations)

- Flight tickets (one for going in, one for going out)

The rest is ordinary application process.

However, I haven't applied yet. Therefore I don't have a certain answer. I'll apply on Thursday and I expect the results in two weeks. I'll let you know how it goes with that online ticket thing by posting here.

Still, the PDF document you receive with the activation code of the ticket should do the trick.

A one-way actual ticket can cost you hundreds of dollars and in many cases even thousands. As there’s no guarantee that your visa application will get approved. And if your visa application gets rejected, you’ll either lose a greater chunk of the price. That you have paid for the actual ticket or all the price collectively. 

On the other hand, a dummy ticket or verifiable flight reservation for a visa application will cost you a tiny amount. The conclusion is attaching an actual costly ticket with your visa application is not a good practice. A rejection will deprive you of your hard-earned money.