My passport was stolen, can i travel with a copy of the documents and a police's report?

  • 21 July 2022
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my passport was stolen, can i travel with a copy of the documents and a police's report? 



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@Claudi.Moll What is the answer?

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Do you have an Identity Card with you? Otherwise you so or so have to go to your nearest embassy because traveling without a passport or ID is not allowed… you can’t cross a border with a copy of your passport… if there is a check, you can have a big problem.

I have a photo of my ID and the police theft report

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But a photo of an ID is not a valid travel document… as written you should go to your nearest embassy/consulate and make an emergency passport.

If there is a border control somewhere you might have a serious problem without a proper ID

I have ready this: TRAVEL BY LAND - For travel within the Schengen area, the report to the local police of the theft or loss of the passport or identity card is sufficient for the return to Italy and to the country of residence by land (by car) I think it also applies to the train .…


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Did you read this on the website of your MFA or some random internet page?

I just checked for Austrian and German MFA info and there it clearly says that you have to make an emergency passport. There is written nothing about exception for Schengen area.

I had to do this once when I was robbed in Kyiv.

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Call the local embassy (ambasciata) of Italy in the country where you are now. They can tell you, what is the best to do.