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  • 15 February 2024
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I was wondering if someone would be able to help me plan what trains would be best to take. Im looking to take some high speed trains and overnight trains as well. Here's an overview of the dates I will be traveling. 


 Paris May 22-24 → leave on the 24th and head down to Nice 

Nice May 24-27 → leave the the 27th to Barcelona (overnight train if possible) 

Barcelona May 28-June 1 → leave for Florence or Rome morning of June 1 (high speed train if possible) 


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Paris to Nice: frequent high speed trains (5h 45min), nice journey along the coast in the last part. There should be a night train, too (but just with couchette carriages; about 12h).

Nice to Barcelona: there’s no night train or direct train. Possible with changes in a day (about 9h 30min depending on connection).

Barcelona to Roma: best done by overnight ferry (May 31st at 11pm, arrives Civitavecchia 9pm June 1st; possible to be in Roma around midnight). By train it’s a long journey back (needs more than one day).

Doing the trip just by train (avoiding the ferry), it might be more convenient to do Paris to Barcelona first, then head to Nice (you are already near the italian border here) and then to Italy.