Night Train from Venice to Bern Switzerland? Geneva to Paris overnight?

  • 8 August 2022
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My wife and I are considering a night train from Venice to Bern (Lauterbrunnen). 

We are also considering an overnight from Geneva to Paris.

Has anyone done this (sleeper car, first class seats, other)?

Suggestions?  Are we going to be missing out on scenery or other as a result?

5 replies

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Travelling by night through Switzerland always makes you miss scenery. The route from Italy to Bern can be very beautiful if you choose the right route and the right train. 

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Hi, no overnight trains exist on this routes.

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There used to be-maybe you read a guidebook from <2000, but nowadays-and at least since some 10+ yrs there are no overniters-nor even any that might partly cover it on these routes.

IF you want it kind of ´for the experience´ and as the pass is valid in all of EUR anyway: the NJ=NightJet, run by Oebb=austrian rails, link Venezia with Wien and also Wien to Zúrich in the Swiss.

For a real sleeper you need to plan long ahead-the running summer is fully booked.


Can anyone help me on how can I get best discount for Jungfraujoch ticket from Interlaken using Eurail pass? Where can I get better deals? We a group of three. We have a 5 day Eurail pass but will not be using that on the day we plan to visit Jungfraujoch.

Thanks for all the help.

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With Eurail you get 25% discount on the travels in the Jungfrau-region. You need to buy the tickets at the ticket office and say that you have a Eurail pass. No travel day is needed as you only buy a discounted ticket.

Trips in the Jungfrau-region are extremely expensive and not worth the money in my opinion. At least no if you travel to Jungfraujoch. A better choice is to visit the turning restaurant at Schilthorn. A must if you are a James 007 Bond fan.