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  • 8 November 2023
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i have a global pass for 4 days within a month. I travel from Amsterdam to Salzburg (and back of couse). I travel on 4 different days. I have 3 outbound/inbound days for the Netherlands. What about the 4th day that i travel in the Netherlands? If i book a 4th journey, e.g. from Salzburg to Amsterdam, can i book it uninterrupted or just untill Emmerich in Germany? What’s is the best policy?

Thanks, Jan


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6 replies

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You can only use two of your four days in the Netherlands.

But I’m confused - are you going to Salzburg twice? Normally you would use one of your days go from Amsterdam to Germany, and your second on the return to Amsterdam.


yes i just travel on 4 different days between Amsterdam and Salzburg: two times outbound and two times inbound. How to travel without interruption on the 4th day? Jan

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You will have to choose two of the days, and buy a ticket on those two days between the DE/ NL border and Amsterdam.

Thanks. While writing my questions ans reading your answers, several solutions came up to my mind. Thks. Jan

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Some pass have 3 outbound/inbound days for test reason. Mostly for people from The Netherlands.


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@Angelo @ralderton And Swedish people get 4 outbound/inbound travel days.