Passport checks in trains/ferrys?

  • 8 January 2022
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I am planning to visit Berlin, Croatia, Italy and France next year. I assume I need a passport for this, but what about passport control? Is it like in airports where they check your stuff at the counter and at the security? I am also going by boat to Croatia, departing from Italy. Does anyone know how and if they will check my passport at the port?


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In General within the Schengenarea as already said by @rvdborgt  are just spot checks. Your European ID Card is enough.

Within the EU you even have just spot ckecks by Customs (If you are within the limit of Cigarettes and alcohol :D )

Croatia is in the EU but not Schengen this means that you have at border of Croatia Passportchecks. My experience sofar is before you board the ship in Italy you get a passport check by the Italian Police and after you arrive in Croatia one of the croatian police. These controls are usually pretty easy just show your ID-Card or Passport.

The controls are usually pretty easy within the EU they sometimes just ask to open your back to see if you have to much Cigarettes or Alcohol  with you. 

The controls usually are on the trains while the train drives to the  next stop. (Due Covid they stoped in the last times sometimes at the Station next to the border as they controlled every passenger if they have all papers)

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If you stay in the EU, an identity card will suffice. Outside of the EU, you often need a passport, including for going to the UK. In case a passport is just a bit more expensive (like the Dutch one) and you don't have an identity card yet, I'd just get a passport. (I've never had an identity card for this reason.)

As to passport checks: within the Schengen area, there are only spot checks for ID and luggage.