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  • 25 July 2021
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I am currently planning my trip in the ‘interrail planner app’. The interrail site says that there is an option to take the train from Villach to Zagreb at 12:53 at the 2nd of August, but the app says the option doesn't excist. The Austrian site ÖBB also says that there is a train that leaves at 12:53, so i know it is possible. How can i add this train to ‘my trip’?

If i can't add this option, i can't travel because the mobile pass is connected to the trip that i have plannend…

Can anyone help me with this?


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2 replies

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The Interrail app is not reliable enough to plan a trip because it doesn't get enough updates. The Interrail website is better. The best however is to verify with the operators’ websites or apps. In general, the DB website and ÖBB website (or the DB and ÖBB apps) are the best for international planning.

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Hi, in case you see different information, you will need to follow the information of the train carriers' website. If you cannot find your train in the planner, you can click on the blue hyperlink '’add it manually'’ on the bottom of the screen. Cheers,