Possible to sleep in Snälltåget seats? (Non-compartment)

  • 28 June 2022
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Does anyone have experience with sleeping in a normal “recliner” seat from Berlin/Hamburg to Malmö? (costs 199 SEK)

Even better; any pictures of the seats?


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3 replies

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Is it possible to sleep; yes, can YOU sleep on it; ?

Personally I wouldn’t spend a night on a train seat unless I was out of options, I have done it on occasion and I am unable to get a decent sleep on them. Some other people do manage to sleep quite well, I know this because I have listened to them snore for hours.

If you want some idea of what they are like I suggest you put Snalltaget as a search on as there are some videos that bloggers have made on these trains (as well as most others in Europe it seems)

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Badge +5 has much info in general-check to see if it has more on this specific operator.

Can you sleep in airline seat/eco on a long nite/flite? (i usually can-in fact better as in trains)

Thanks for the answers, I found pictures of the seats. They are normal seats.


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