Racial discrimination Venice to Rome in train

  • 14 June 2022
  • 2 replies

Really very disappointed after travelled from venice to rome . As not only on this trip but other trips as well faced discrimination and really in future will not recommend anybody to travel in eurail

It seems conductors in train treat people based on color and origin as we are citizens from USA 

2 replies

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I am sorry for your bad experience, but this is not the guilty of EURail, they are only the company offering this pass.
You should forward your complaint to Trenitalia with exact details of date and train no. etc.

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As said that is not Eurail it´s Trenitalia as operating Staff. Eurail offer just the pass and their staff is based in the Netherlands.

Please describe your issue´s directly with Trenitalia. As they are responsible and can check the Staff that was on the train.